Whitening is your freeway to confidence

Do you ever feel that the secret underneath a confident smile is whiter teeth? If “Yes” is your answer, then you are exactly right.

We recognize the value of a bright smile. Using the shade guide to determine the existing shade of your teeth and post whitening shade, the treatment for teeth whitening serves to gain you a healthier smile. In this procedure, whitening is achieved by bleaching of the teeth with aid of organic whitening solution, or dental strips.

Not only is Tooth Whitening about the confidence you deserve, but also about your optimal dental health, which is as vital as any other facet of life. Book an appointment with us to get a livelier, healthier mouth.

Detect your problems early, and get rid of them

Problems like oral cancer are on the rise, particularly in older people, with changing lifestyles and unanticipated health conditions. To fight against the spike in issues, we conduct the most effective and supportive oral cancer screenings that are useful for identifying symptoms of oral cancer and precancerous conditions in patients.

It is a precondition for us to help our patients understand oral cancer signs and more significantly, clear up their suspicions about oral cancer and their misconceptions. And if practicable, we take the correct course of action and recommend the required care and therapy needed to combat the problem.


Dental Hygiene Care involving assessment, planning, dental hygiene diagnosis, implementation and evaluation

Dental Hygiene Care provides you with improved oral health and determines the risk of future dental problems. It is one of the most essential procedures to ensure that there is an overall concentration of hygiene in your mouth and that you keep clear from issues that could occur due to lack of awareness, incorrect eating habits, establishing patient centered oral health goals, etc.

The most intelligent decision you can make is to select a qualified dental hygienist for your oral care. It makes it safer, more hygienic, and lets you remain fully disease-free. Care for oral hygiene requires scaling, polishing the teeth, professional mouth washing, and professional recommendations on best actions to avoid gum infections and problems stemming from an unclean mouth.

Avoid cavities with the best

We all want to avoid Cavities. Right? Tooth decay as the root cause of many dental problems. A cavity risk assessment can greatly help you to detect the chances of tooth decay, allow you to take preventive actions against it, and eliminate further decay by following the right recommendations.

It involves careful inspection of your mouth, and you are advised on the necessary practises according to the risk of cavities in your mouth to prevent cavity develop ment and identify the triggers that could increase the odds of tooth decay. Rightat your home, we promise the same precise and trusted caries assessment.


Get rid of that sharp, painful sensation in your mouth

Tooth sensitivity is a prevalent issue amongst individuals and imposes a strain on normal dental stability. Of course, with the beverages we love, we all want to enjoy our favourite meals. But the problem of tooth sensitivity comes in our way. Desensitization therapy helps you to get rid of the sharp pain or sensation that em erges in your mouth and spreads around the place in response to stimuli, when yo u consume foods with hot or cold temperatures.

With the help of specialized dental equipment and products that can help you get rid of the problems associated with sensitivity, desensitization therapy follows a stringent and detailed protocol to help you get rid of this sensitivity and stops the repetitive susceptibility.

Avoid the pain before the treatment

We have Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST) and Silver Diamine Fluoride for those who are homebound and do not have access to dental care. As an interim procedure, IST can help a patient in restoring the dental decay through the restoration of minerals with a therapeutic procedure, and aid the process of easing a permanent solution for restoration.

IST provides a temporary solution intended to stabilize the tooth and its subsequent structure before permanent restoration can be done and relieve you from the pain and complications associated with your dental condition.

IST is a comprehensive method and includes an eye for detail, specificity, and expertise. Therefore, we make sure that your tooth structure stabilization is such that until the restoration, you do not have to face concerns.


A Safe and Painless way to avoid tooth decay

As a part of specialized procedures for your back teeth that have pits and fissures, Sealants are used as a protective procedure wherein a protective coating is applied on your back teeth to shield it against bacteria and decay.

When it gets into the holes and grooves of your back teeth, sealants are a totally safe and painless panacea to overcome the limitations of tooth decay and serve as a defensive barrier against bacteria that could cause decay. A sealant is applied and abandoned to harden after cleaning your mouth to serve as a remedy to the tooth decay problem.